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Born in Madrid, the Glenda López team always opts for a direct relationship with local professionals and R&D, ensuring a meaningful relationship between technology and craftsmanship.

With our experienced jewelers, foundries, polishers, suppliers and a long list of people who are part of our project with their own creative language, we pride ourselves on the quality of each and every piece we make. Every step of our production process requires experience, creativity and care. Thanks to our network of professionals, we can offer our clients the best quality guarantee in terms of materials and design. With the team at the heart of the production process, our studio in Madrid offers a safe and conducive working environment for our craftsmen and creative collaborators.


As a brand we think about the future, we assume responsibilities to our planet through our conscious actions. Our jewelry is made with durable, reparable and recyclable materials whose origins are transparent. All of our materials and gemstones are ethically and sustainably sourced.


This is just the beginning. Here at Glenda López take on the challenge to actively improve ourselves and our actions in response to the current environmental crisis. We understand that the consequences affect and will affect every person on our planet, making every single thing we do all the more important. It is our obligation as living beings on this planet, and, as creative minds, to propose and undertake new approaches to create positive impacts.

Our goals are clear: eliminate the use of non-recyclable materials in all of our supply chain, be more transparent with the origin of our raw materials, recycle any product without any commercial use, offer to our customers better repair service, eliminate plastic from our packaging, source for raw materials coming from surplus productions and design pieces that could have a second life.

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